Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cast Covers & Stash Knit Down 2009

I'm still making cast covers for my dear MIL. I have four done and have started on the fifth. Since they are double stranded, it's turning into a nice little stashbuster project (in addition to helping warm some cold toes!). I've decided to keep count of my yardage this year, just out of curiosity mainly (btw, so far I'm at ~980 yards). Inspired by the stash-knit-down groups on Ravelry, and my husband's complaints, AND running out of room in my stash area.. I'm going to attempt to not buy any yarn. I think this is a good idea. My goal is to not BUY any yarn until April, when I go visit my favorite local alpaca farm and pick up some of their amazingly gorgeous (and soft and warm, my god) hand spun yarn. Until then I can trade for things, and can only buy if I run out of a specific yarn for a project (or if an emergency comes up where I need to knit something ASAP and nothing I have will work.. though, I have a ton of different yarn so I don't know why that would happen). As my birthday is coming up (in like what, 6 weeks?), gifts do not count!

So there it is. No yarn until April. At that point I'll evalutate my stash and my current level of activity and go from there. Anyway.. some pictures of the already finished cast covers. I'm going to knit as many as I can by EOD Tuesday and send them out on Wednesday afternoon (it's the first day I'll have time to go to the PO). These are based on a free pattern but heavily improvised (what else is new). Basically, CO 46 stitches, k1p1 for an inch, then just knit for 3.5", then start decreases (k6, k2tog until end of round, knit the whole next round, k5, k2tog, etc.. it's my "standard" decrease for items in the round). After decreases I usually have around 16 stitches left and I just graft them together (like a sock) with a needle. They're very quick and easy to make, I just hope they fit her foot and keep her warm!

I figured I'd end with a photo of Kira. This is what she does everytime I start knitting. Sleeps between my legs. Sigh. So cute.

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Nancy J said...

Can you please send me your directions for cast toe covers.
Yours are wonderful and I need to make some for a dear Aunt of mine.
Thank you so much!!
Nancy J