Sunday, February 22, 2009

First dyeing attempts and man socks!

I have a few things to share today, as I've been keeping myself fairly busy with all things related to fiber. I've picked up a bit of crud (a cold, flu? who knows) and have been feeling out of it, but trying to keep my mind focused so I don't let it creep in. It's been sunny here and we're getting those lovely February previews of spring before it goes grey and rainy for another four months.

Last week I tried my first attempts at dyeing yarn and so far, so good! These are what I've been doing this past week...

440yds of sock yard, specially requested by Julie..

this one feels very springy to me!
this is 220 yards of sock yarn that I had originally just wanted to dye a dark blue.. but the color failed the first time around, so I overdyed half with bright red and got a red ranging from a deep merlot to normal bright red.

In addition to that, I've also been knitting quite a bit. I finished my socks (previous entry), then started on a pair for Scott. I finished those last night and he has been wearing them almost constantly since (I guess I did okay!). He has GIANT feet, so they look a little longer then I was expecting, but oh well.

He has size 12.5 feet, so I made these to fit size 13.5, they're supposed to be "house socks", so big and comfy and squishy. They're made out of Woolease (from stash) in an olive green and black. They took up 260 yds of yarn, bringing my monthly total to 770 yards (boo!), and 2009 total to 2000 yards (yay!). If I can get Julie's socks done by next weekend, that will get me another 300 yards or so, which I would like. We'll see. :)

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