Sunday, February 01, 2009


I need to write a detailed post with photos of my beautiful Puppy Day Cowl, but that will have to wait because bed time is fast approaching. In the month of January I did the following:

- 1 pair of mittens
- 3 hats (for charity)
- 7 toe covers

Which totaled about 1230 yards. I only actually used up one skein of yarn, but the yardage itself I was quite proud of! I'm interested to see how much I actually knit in a year, and am aiming for 10 miles.. which if I continue at this pace, is definitely achievable! To knit 10 miles, I have to knit about 1500 yards a month on average. Hmm. For February, I already have 80 yards done, and am hoping to finish a few more things for myself (namely a hat and some fingerless mitts) and make a scarf for my mom out of some gorgeous Ella Rae Shibu that I got in a trade recently. I also want to make a few more charity hats and use up some of the really soft Bernat Satin hanging out in my stash.

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