Monday, September 28, 2009

It's Fall!

It's fall! It's fall, I'm so happy it's fall. I love Seattle summers, but what I love more are Seattle fall days. Where the air is crisp but only to the point where your fingertips and nose tingle a little.. where all the leaves are falling and it smells like Halloween. Mmmmm.. I love Seattle falls! One MORE thing I love about the fall: it's time to get back to work knitting! I crave wool and warmth and can spend an entire 12 hours on Saturday laying in bed knitting.

These are the things I plan to do:
- finish Casey's bunny hat, currently at 50%
- make progress on the log cabin of DOOM blanket (note: I did NOT say finish, I said PROGRESS)
- make myself gloves
- make myself a hat
- make myself socks (slipped ring stitch pattern?)
- whip out some leg warmers for Mandy (Mosey? or maybe just an improvised pattern.. I dunno yet)

Since the last time I wrote, we bought a house and moved (just a week ago, actually), so everything is kind of all over the place and these past few months have been crazy busy with packing, moving, financial bullshit, etc. But the house is BEAUTIFUL and I am officially already planning my garden to plant in the spring (I'm thinking lots of tomatoes, peas, strawberries, raspberries, jalapenos, spinach, carrots, some kind of beans, would potatoes be too ambitious?). I haven't had my own garden in about 10+ years, so I want to take it easy, but I'm already getting really amped for planting and growing and CANNING next fall. I've been debating starting a seed garden in Feb/March or just buying live starters. Seeds are obviously much cheaper, but, again it's been awhile since I've done a seed garden. Hmmm. Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated.

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