Friday, June 01, 2012

Partial Update and Future Planning

I've had a bit of knitting ADHD lately. Not feeling very inspired by patterns lately, but still feeling the urge to knit a lot. As evidenced by the recently completed Man Socks:
I started and frogged THREE different pattern/yarn combinations (all done to the heel turn.. grr) until I grabbed some KP Simply Stripes (sadly discontinued, but I managed to buy 4 skeins before it went away! Still have one and a half left :) ) and forced myself to just push through and do a normal, vanilla pattern (CO 68 st on 2.75mm needles, 2" of 3X1 ribbing, then two sections of color before the heel flap, reduced down to 64 st on the foot itself, knit to fit). These are kind of special to me, as I backpacked them during our camping trip this May. At least 9 miles RT, with them in a special pouch of my 40lb+ pack, so they wouldn't get crushed/broken. The recipient, my lovely BF, loves them and wore them every day for nearly a week after I finished them. I will certainly be making him socks again at some point.

Speaking of socks, I'm not going to post everything I've knit recently, but I did knit these Spiral Eyelet socks recently for my friend Chantelle, and was extremely disappointed when I had to actually give them away to her.
These were knit from OLD stash, some of the first sock yarn I ever bought, JL Yarn's "Vinca" in the 802 colorway. The yarn itself was a bit splitty, but turned out so beautifully. I have two more skeins in different colorways that I might redo these in someday, but this time for me!

I also finished knitting some slippers for my friend Amanda recently. They're the French Press Felted Slippers (rav link), but I haven't actually felted them yet, so I just have these giant yellow slippers hanging out...
They knit up incredibly fast, as triple held worsted will tend to do I guess. I'm definitely considering making myself a pair, but the truth is that I really dislike the felting process. It's not really difficult, just time consuming, and I don't like how fiddly it all is. Leave it in for 5 extra minutes on accident? You've got slippers for your barbie doll. Anyway, I'm going to felt these soon (!!!!!) and get them mailed out to her. I'm sure what she needs in the dead of a Minnesota summer is thick wool slippers.

My current project is making yet another Everlasting Bagstopper (rav link). This will be my fourth one that I've made. I have given two away as gifts and my only remaining one broke on the camping trip in May (the stitching at the top gave way and unraveled half of one side, I was pretty upset for a bit), so I need a new one. I'm using the last bits of some KP CotLin (one of my favorites) and mostly Hobby Lobby's I Love This Cotton (which is so smooshy soft that I have a hard time believing it's cotton). I'm over halfway done, but have been slacking recently and hope to get it done this weekend.

I haven't written in quite some time, but mainly wanted to do so to create a list of ideas for upcoming projects. So here we go:
  • Finish up Everlasting Bagstopper bag (~60% done)
  • Socks: Noro Stripey Socks? I have numerous skeins of Noro Sock yarn as well as two skeins of KP Chroma, all of which would work for these.
  • Hat: I'm digging the Marram Hat pattern recently. Not sure I have good yarn for it though, will have to stash dive this weekend.
  • Gloves: I have a single skein of KP's new Sugarbunny yarn, which is 80% Merino and 20% Angora, stashed away to make myself a pair of Nalu Mitts. I made this pattern last fall for my mom, and LOVED them (hers were in baby alpaca).
I think the above will keep me busy through a good part of this summer, and who knows, something else I have to knit RIGHT NOW will probably come up in the meantime.