Friday, January 25, 2013

Got the Blehs..

I haven't knit in awhile. A week, maybe two weeks. I'm still struggling with getting over my illness and most of my 'down time' is spent trying to nap or under the influence of cold medication so I'm not entirely miserable. It's frustrating, because I dislike being so idle, but I'm going to force myself to get some knitting done this weekend. Even minor progress is progress.

As far as the VR went last weekend, I did make minor progress, but obviously not on the knitting front. I organized the table section of my craft/computer room. Everything got put away (yarn, paper stuff, craft tools, garbage, etc) except all of the power tools, because I have to get into the shed to put them back in their place. However, it's much better already and I'm hoping to finish putting everything away and move the table out of the craft room this weekend.

Let's look at my January goals and where I am, with 6 days left of the month:
  • Sock KAL with the Stash Knit Down Group from Ravelry. My Monkeys are about 70% done. I am on the gusset decrease of sock #2. I would really love to finish these up before the end of the month.
  • One baby item. I still have not decided on a pattern, and found out that almost all my friends are having girl babies, which of course I have no suitable yarn for. I hope they don't mind boy colors! That being said, if I can't decide on anything else, I'm going to try to find some red/orangey wool ease (its the girliest color I have) and make some more baby socks. My biggest issue with baby stuff is that I want it to be washable, and my washable supplies are just not great. This is the reason to reduce the stash!!! Because instead of buying some yarn in girl colors, I feel guilty that I'm not using what I have. Must remember this for future.
  • Felted Christmas trees. Did not touch these. Did not even think about these. Maybe I'll push these out to be a summer project.

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