Friday, January 18, 2013

Monkeys and a VR

I've been sick for the last two weeks, including a full week long vacation in which I was heavily medicated (on cold meds). Getting sick is never fun, but getting sick always kills my knitting mojo. It's a combination of just feeling tired and low-energy and also being kind of foggy in the brain due to cold medication. As a result, the progress on my Monkeys has been next to nothing. Here is the last WIP picture I took, in the car ride to Oregon.
I actually finished this first sock and CO for sock #2 before leaving Oregon. Since then, all I've managed is to get to the gusset decreases. I signed up for a Virtual Retreat (VR) with one of the Ravelry groups, for this weekend, and I'm going to push myself to finish sock #2. I'm also going to try to finish up a number of projects that have been languishing for too long. Namely the following:
  • Finish sock #2, or at the very least, make decent progress on it. I'm starting to come out of my sickness-funk, so I'm hoping I have a bit of motivation to get through it.
  • Finish felting my silly French Press slippers. These have been through 3 felt cycles and they're still only about 80% done. I need to shrink them another 3 sizes.
  • Wash/block my One Row Handspun scarf that was finished in MARCH OF 2011Ugh. It's literally just sat there waiting for almost two years, and it's gorgeous. Bad!
  • Clean up my craft table in the yarn room. I started papercrafting on it last summer, so there are scraps all over, scissors, glue, etc. On top of that is yarn, as this is also my "processing" table, where I put yarn that is going out or coming in (to be photographed, added to Rav, etc). Lately it has also been serving as a landing pad for all of my power tools as well! So it has random drills and hammers and all kinds of things on it. Ideally, I'd like to move this table out of the room and into the shed, as it severely cramps the space.
I've certainly given myself an ambitious set of goals. Hopefully I can update next week with how much I got done! 

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