Tuesday, March 26, 2013

March Progress & FO Pics!

I've been knitting pretty regularly lately, and it feels good. I'm about halfway through my current project, and already have the next one lined up (whenever I get there). Anyway, I wanted to show off a few FO and a pic of my latest WIP.

First up, my rainbow Chroma socks made for the BF. I loved knitting these, as Chroma is easy to work with and very, very soft. But I'm less than happy with the yarn as a FO. It felted on the very first wear, and has continued to felt with every wear since then. I guess that's what I get for knitting socks in a single ply, but I'm confused by Chroma's 25% nylon content (confused because, WHERE IS IT?). Oh well, he loves these socks and still will wear them, felted or no.
  Next up, a scarf that I knit to trade with another crafty friend for a cross stitch. This was made from an acrylic that I've had lying around for several years, and I used almost every last inch of two full skeins when all was said and done. This is a big scarf, very wide, very thick, very snuggly. I hope she likes it.
Here is a random FO I started and finished while waiting for some new needles to arrive (so I could start my shawl). Made from some random cotton I had in the stash. The top bit is double stranded with the mauve color and the last bits of a multi color I had from a previous dishcloth project. This will be a gift for someone, but I still need to add the button..

And last but not least, my WIP. I'm finally making a shawl for me! It's Multnomah in Noro Sock (colorway S40, I believe?), and this is a picture I took this weekend of it. More progress has been made, since then, and now I'm up to the switch in the pattern where I'll start feather and fan until the yarn runs out. Going to try for 12 repeats, but we'll see what I get out of it. I'm very excited about this one, and cannot wait until it's finished.

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