Monday, April 17, 2006

Updates on Twisty Turns

I've been working a fair amount on my current WIP, Twisty Turns. It's an endurance challenge, really, and definitely the largest project I've done to date (even beating out the wonky pinwheel blanket). It's 48 stitches per row and, by the end, 615 rows long. I have about 330 rows done as of now and just wanted to show my current progress. It seems I couldn't get a good natural light photo, so I had to take it with flash, and it seems to make the color look weird on the close up. Anyway here we go.

Obviously, that's the whole thing so far (about five feet long) and then close up. It's a pretty easy pattern once you get it going (my first attempt on cable cast ons, it went beautifully!), but I'm excited for it to be done. It's for my mother, and it needs to be finished by the time I see her (about three weeks from now), so I've got a lot to do in that time.

But that's all for now! I have a lot to do today, just wanted to update. Later.