Sunday, April 12, 2009

Weekend Roundup OF DOOM!

It's been a busy weekend. I started (and made decent progress on) the Log Cabin Afghan of DOOM, as well as watched a few movies (ala Netflix) and caught up with a lot of shows on the DVR. One thing I dislike about having both Netflix and DVR is that I feel like I need to dedicate time to watching both.. and feel guilty if I don't. It's weird. Anywho.

This is an afghan square (10X10") I did for a charity blanket on Ravelry. It will be seamed up and auctioned off, the proceeds are going to Doctors Without Borders. I viewed an inprogress photo of the blanket (without my square, as I only sent it off on Friday), and it's really awesome looking so far. Anyway, this square was roughly another 80 yards, bringing my March total to 340 yards.

Up next is FINALLY an update about the first felted project (Angela's Fabulous Felted Bag). I felted it last month, but it didn't felt all the way.. so I researched a little about the felting process and discovered that my warm/warm cycle was probably to blame. It literally spent 2+ hours felting that first run. I threw it in a pillow sack and let it go for 1 full cycle (about 20 minutes) on hot/cold, and voila! Felted bag! I am very happy with the finished results, but I might give it away as a gift or something.. as I just don't really use bags that often.

And last, but not least, is the first mention (and photo) of the Log Cabin Afghan of DOOM! I started this on Friday night and this was my progress through last night. I finished up the brown square but I need 1-2 more "warm" colors, so I went to JoAnn today .. but since it's Easter, they were closed. Ah well, I think my fingers could use a break. I have been keeping tally of the yardage knit up with every piece so far and at the end of the month I'll add it all up and put it toward this month's yards. This piece (pictured above) is already something like 17X17" and about 350 yards (IIRC), so I'm making good progress with it. I'd REALLY like for this to be done by the time my parents come out next month, but we'll see.

Friday, April 10, 2009

FO Catchup

BIG UPDATE ENTRY! I've been so ridiculously busy with work, social engagements and knitting that I haven't had time to do a proper update in quite awhile, so this is my catchup!

Let's get right into it.. first up we have my newest cowl (The Quickie Cowl), made from my favorite yarn (Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande). Wearing it feels like wearing a warm cloud around my neck. It's so amazing I never want to take it off. It figures that I literally finished it on the first 70 degree day we've had in Seattle since September 2008, but, what are you gonna do, right? This took almost an entire skein, only about 2 yards left after seaming, so we're calling it an even 110yds (for April's numbers).

Next up is some more afghan squares, except these are only 6x6", each one was made from some spare Wool-ease I had laying around, and they're going to be made into a charity blanket for a little boy. Each square took about 50yds of yarn. I just love these! These little guys are totaling 150 more yards, bringing my April total to 260 yards.

The next few objects were completed in March (and already counted in March's totals). Starting out with the GORGEOUS Crosswalker socks. If you would recall, I dyed this yarn way back in February for Julie (a custom request), to be made into these. All finished, they are ridiculously comfortable, warm and fit PERFECTLY. I did not want to give them away, but, so it is. I know that I'll be making a pair for myself in the near future :)

The one thing I realized, finally, is that I'm going to HAVE to do 1X1 ribbing from now on. For some reason, my 2X2 ribs are just way too loose on all my socks.

Last, but certainly not least, more band cuffs! When I sent the last 4 to Julie, they got a lot of attention and I had a lot of requests to make more. I whipped these four up in about an hour one night. Ideally, I would have preferred to not use the same "base" colors as the last set, but I didn't want to buy yarn for them (because they use a very small amount and that's silly..), so I used up what I had. On the plus side, I got rid of the tan partial. The person I made these for got them last week and absolutely loves them and has even asked me how she could start knitting too. Haha.

I do have a few more things knit up already (I said I was busy!) but don't have photos uploaded, so for now, this is all I have. I'm still working on the felted bag, and cast on last night for the Log Cabin Afghan of DOOM. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April Goals

I have too much to write a real update about. The semi-felted bag (still waiting to be re-felted.. maybe tonight), Julie's crosswalker socks (finished last night at 1115pm, squeaking in under the March wire).. but I'm at work, and have no access to photos, so for now, I'm writing my March recap and April goals.

In March I completed the following projects:
- 8 Band Cuffs (four in each size)
- 1 pair of Crosswalkers
- 3 10X10" squares for KYS projects
- 1 Angela's Fabulous Felted Bag

Which equals out to be 1120 yards, which brings the YTD total to 3420 yards. I lost track of how many skeins I've used (somewhere between 7-10, but I don't care at this point). Now to revisit goals..

March Goals:
- Finish Julie's socks (crosswalkers)
- Knit at least 1 charity item
- Knit at least 1 thing for myself
- Start log cabin afghan OF DOOM

2009 goals:
- Knit myself a scarf, hat and gloves before winter
- Knit 10000 yds of yarn
- Do not buy any new yarn except under certain conditions (running out of yarn during a project, having an emergency of sorts where I NEED a certain kind of yarn), going forward, except in April at the alpaca farm and once this summer/fall.

Let's see how I did. I finished Julie's socks, knit several charity items, knit the felted bag for myself.. I ran out of time to start the afghan though. My year-long goals were a little less successful.. I still need to start knitting myself winter warmables, but I plan on doing that this month (as I have 4 luscious skeins of Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande coming my way, enough for a hat and cowl/scarf). I am well on my way to 10000 yards. I semi-failed at this whole not-buying yarn thing. I bought yarn to complete the log-cabin afghan.. so I don't know if that counts. I'm going to be using a ton that's already in stash (8-10 skeins), and I bought 4-5 new skeins. Whatever. I think that I need to change that goal anyway, because I don't have an issue with buying yarn, just buying it when I have no intentions of using it. In that regard, I have gotten 100% better. Everything I buy these days, I think to myself "am I REALLY going to use this? what could it be used for?" and if I can't think of something it could be used for, I just don't get it. I've caught myself a lot of times buying yarn just to buy it (it's so pretty!), but no longer. Now to set my April goals...

April Goals:
- Knit at least 1 charity item (this won't be a problem, as I have 5 already started).
- Start log cabin afghan of DOOM
- Knit 1 item for myself
- Knit 1 pair of socks

2009 goals:
- Knit myself a scarf, hat and gloves before winter
- Knit 10000 yds of yarn
- Do not buy yarn "just to buy yarn". If I make a purchase, it needs to have a project lined up.