Monday, January 05, 2009

More Charity Hats

First things first. An update to my hat that has been chronicled in several posts before.. I finished last week. The results:

The picture sucks, it's actually very pretty!

Since finding and joining Ravelry, I've become a woman obsessed! I literally cannot say enough great things about the site as a whole. One of the groups that I frequent decided to do a charity hat knit for a hospice-type home in Monterey. The main group of people that are there are cancer patients.. so we're making chemo caps. I cast on for my first cap on New Years Day and finished today (four days, woo!). Here are the results:

View from the top

It's based on your based roll-brim pattern, I didn't use any pattern (as per the norm) and just winged it. I'm very, very happy with the results. The yarn is a new yarn to me, as well. Nothing special really, just some Bernat Satin (in mocha) and TLC Amore (the green). Bernat Satin is like heaven and I'm sure whoever gets this hat will be happy with it! I know I would. I've already started my next one, which I think I'm going to try some new techniques with. We'll see. Julie comes in tomorrow and I can barely contain my excitement. However this means my crafting/sewing/knitting will be minimal for the next week or so. I'll see if I can't finish my next hat in the time that she's here. We'll see!

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