Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Knitting Bag/Bag V1.0

I finished my bag prototype! Yay! This bag was mainly made so I could test out a pattern I saw online. I didn't follow the pattern, just took it as inspiration really. I definitely see room for improvement, so we'll call this Mindy's bag v1.0. I have included several photos of both the progress and the finished product.

The outside

The inside lining

The outside fabric (goldish material) is something my mother picked out and asked me to sew her larger, reusable grocery totes with it. It's heavy, almost an upholestry thickness. The cute blue planet fabric on the inside is just a cotton that I had a half yard of or so hanging out from one of the remnant bags I got. I literally had JUST enough for the lining, and enough scraps to barely fill my hand (and I have v. small hands). The handles are the goldish fabric again, backed with black fleece for stability AND strength. Plus it's comfy to hold.

Stuffed with knitting projects. Note: you can turn the handles down to the sides for better access.

All done, view of the lining.

The finished product is about 9" wide laying flat and the actual bag portion is about 12" deep. It's bigger then I was intending to go with for my first prototype, but big enough for a medium sized knitting project or even two or three smaller ones. I fit two adult sized hats on the needles plus the skeins of yarn attached to them, in the bag without any problem and still had a little room left over.

Honestly, I like it, but I don't know how long I'm going to hold on to it. I may try to trade it on Ravelry for something else, because I'm going to be making many of these while I develop a good bag pattern. We'll see. Either way, for a first attempt, I'm very happy with it! :) As for the hats that were stuffed inside.. I'm ALMOST done. I am planning on cleaning up some sewing mess and then finishing up one hat before the night is over. It is doable, and needs to be done, because I have a lot of projects ready to go.

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