Saturday, December 20, 2008

Puppy Bed and Mitten Update

Just wanted to do a small update with some progress shots. I've been expecting a large package from my mother for the past few days now, filled to the brim with fabric, remnant bags and an almost completed quilt top that I started making when I was 18 and abandoned when I moved out a few months later. Unfortunately, due to the insane and record breaking snow storms we've been having here in the Seattle area, I'm stuck waiting.. and waiting.. and waiting some more. I've been completely demotivated to do anything because I've been so hyped about getting this package. Ugh! Especially because I haven't worked or even left the house at all since Wednesday. It's been that bad. Most of the past few days have been spent like this. Next to the fire watching TV. Can't complain too much about that!

I was finishing up the pair of gloves I wrote about in the last entry (they are for my mom), but was so unsatisfied with part of them that I frogged about 1/4 of the whole project and am redoing it. I like the result this time around.. it fits much better and looks much better. They're not going to be perfect, and honestly, I've had to come to terms with my perfectionist ways when it comes to crafting. There is ALWAYS going to be something I could have done better or different, you know? Beside, if people wanted identicle perfectly shaped and perfectly made items they'd buy them from a mass-produced store. Handmade IS handmade.
Some photos of the progress after frogging it.

I thought I would share some photos of a finished object I did about two weeks ago. I bought a metric ton of fleece (okay more like 12 of so yards) during a big sale at my local fabric store and some of that was allocated to making my puppy a soft little bed. The funniest and best part about making it was that she knew the whole time I was making it that it was for her. I had to hand stitch the last little part of it closed and as I was doing it, she was laying on it. Wouldn't even let me finish! Anyway, she LOVES IT and will lay in it all day and all night long. It's made completely out of fleece, both the inner part and the outer "tube" are fleece stuffed with a polyfill stuffing. At the time I made it, the inner part (the laying part) was about 16" across, but it has stretched out a little with use and now is about 18" across in the laying area.

An action shot. I actually just trying to take pictures of it and she HAD TO lay down in it.

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