Friday, November 30, 2012

November Update

What I've been working on:
French Press Slippers: still waiting on re-felting (long story -- water/sewer issues at the house, should be resolved next week, so I'll get these done shortly).
Sugarbunny mittens: turned into Nalu Mitts! I wear these things everyday pretty much, and they're fantastic. So soft, very warm, and holding up well to lots of wear. I'm sad I didn't buy more Sugarbunny yarn while it was available. I'd like to find a similar yarn to this, because it was just gorgeous and perfect for smaller accessories.
Everlasting Bagstopper (pt 4): made to replace my first bagstopper, which finally bit the dust on my summer camping trip. Love it!
Vanilla Latte Socks: a Christmas present for Dixon's mom (K). She's great and very thoughtful, so I decided to make her socks this year. I'm sure she'll appreciate them, but I hope she also gets a lot of use out of them! Pattern and yarn were decent, first time using both.
Mock Cable Boot Cuffs: one of my friends sent me a picture of some crocheted boot cuffs and I took it as inspiration to whip out some mock cable boot cuffs. Real simple pattern, only took two short days of knitting to complete (maybe 3-4 hours total?). Used some Lamb's Pride worsted wool on this project and it was perfect.
Dashing (gloves): made these for Dixon, and he loves them. Used ollllld stash yarn (from Australia, no less!), dark blue wool. I shortened the pattern a bit, as lots of people complained that it ran a bit long. These are still long, but only go about 1/3 of the way up the forearm.
Christmas gift shawl: making this for a friend for Christmas. This is also my first real shawl, and I'm like 90% finish. Almost! After Christmas, I'll share a photo of this. :)
Homeless hats: my friend is doing a drive for a local homeless shelter, and along with donating a bunch of clothes and other warm things, I'm donating a few hats. Going to see how many I can crank out before her deadline. So far I've got 1.75 finished.
Everything else: didn't happen!

Cold Sheeping:
I've been trying to reduce my overall stash. That's the point, right? Well, this year I've completed 15* projects (*at the time of writing, this actually means 13, with another 2 that I'm trying to finish before EOY), and of those 15, 10 were from old stash yarn. Old stash meaning acquired at least a year before I knit it up (in some cases, I have been using 7-8 year old stash!). 66% of my knits this year being from stash isn't too terribly bad. I'd like to increase this percentage, and have been trying to trade stuff I know I won't use, but that is a slow process (which apparently happens you start being real picky about what comes into the stash). What is important: there is a noticeable and visable different in my stash!

What is up next:
Finishing up my 3 current WIP (hat is 75%, slippers need refelting, and shawl is about 90%).
Setting 2013 goals, including FO/project goals. So far, I've got ideas, but nothing solid. I will try to update with these goals before the end of December.