Sunday, May 11, 2014

2013 Year End & New FO's

I haven't updated in awhile. Winter, my normal heavy-knitting period, was a near wash when it comes to anything productive. Work stress, life stress, etc. But I'm back to share some new FO's and a few 2013 year end updates.

2013 Yarn Totals:

January: 225 yards
March: 735 yards
April: 697 yards
May: 156 yards
June: 652 yards
July: 150 yards
September: 382 yards
October: 89 yards

Total: 3085 yards

I was really happy with totals through the first 3/4 of the year.. but then I invested in some bigger long term projects (the scarf, more wedges on the blanket of doom), and didn't spend much time knitting. Either way, it's 3000+ yards out of my house, as well as many finished projects being loved by many people (myself included!).

Remember my gorgeous slouchy grey alpaca Hat for Eudora? I finished it early in the summer and put it in the bin to wear when it got cold that Fall. Before getting to actually wear it, it accidentally got thrown in a wash and dry cycle. :( The end result is a hilariously small felted hat that I can't come close to fitting on my head. It was a very sad day, but so it goes. RIP alpaca Hat for Eudora!

I've been wearing my purple slouchy Jane hat almost every day since I finished it. It even went through the wash and came out mostly unscathed. Love this hat and will definitely make another in the future.

2014 Yarn Totals:

May: 801 yards

Total: 801 yards

Onto some 2014 FO's!

I started a new Linen Stitch scarf in November, after I finally got over my ugly striped mitten debacle. I've made two linen stitch scarves in the past, but neither for myself. So I gathered up a bag of Ultra Ulpaca leftovers (in two shades of blue, gray, tonal gray, black, and mustardy yellow) and made up a random pattern utilizing the linen stitch. For pattern specific notes, you can check my rav page. The end result is absolutely amazing and exactly what I had imagined. I brought this project with me on vacation to Orcas island with my partner and 3 best friends, as well as on a roadtrip to Spokane, Christmas, my birthday, etc.
I haven't blocked it yet, as I just finished weaving in the 5 million ends, but I will post another picture of it after it's blocked. Love it. Since it's alpaca I won't be able to wear it until the fall, but I will be hiding it until then, so it doesn't get accidentally washed or dried. :-p
I don't have exact measurements (because it's not blocked), but will share those with the blocked pictures. According to my weight measurements, it's clocking in at around 650 yards total.

I also finished a Wale and Course today, which I had started in January. No pictures yet, as it's not blocked, and at this point isn't wearable. I followed pattern gauge, but it's barely big enough to fit on my head when I stretch it out really far. It's nowhere NEAR slouchy. I'm hoping that some real aggressive blocking might help it stretch out and be wearable, otherwise I'll save it for a friend kid.
Sad outcome, considering how much I enjoyed the pattern. I would say that it's definitely worth knitting so long as you use a large needle size or perhaps add another wedge before binding off. I love everything Alex Tinsley designs, and this was no different.
Will share measurements when I have blocked pictures, but it's approximating around 151 yards.

As for what's next, I'm thinking of starting a new slouchy hat.. since my last didn't turn out at all. I'm also very into the idea of summer sock knitting, so within a few weeks I'll probably dig out a new sock project to fiddle with while sitting outside.