Sunday, December 14, 2008

Alpaca yarn is smelly...

No finished products to show off this time. That doesn't mean I haven't been working hard. I've been cranking out some convertible mitts for my mom all this week (I finished one in April and then forgot about the project). The mittens themselves are gorgeous. They're made from my own pattern (woo!) in this beautiful, BEAUTIFUL alpaca wool that I bought from a local farm. It's super soft, not itchy, and amazing. The problem is that since it's real (and fresh) alpaca wool that hasn't been processed or anything.. it smells yummy. To dogs, that is.

The mitts in question, see how close I was to being done?!

It smells like an alpaca, and last night as I was mere minutes (okay about 30 minutes) from finishing I took a break and the dog broke into my room and decided to take my beautiful ball of alpaca wool and do this to it.

It ended up taking both my husband and myself the rest of the night, about six hours, to untangle this mess. I lost a good amount of yarn (maybe 3-5 yds) of stuff that had to be cut off of it, and instead of being connected in one big ball, I have NINE small balls of yarn. I'm angry about it, because she's done this before (only with this yarn), and it made me lose a lot of time that could have been spent working on other things. I'm trying to get my Etsy store up and running with some new items.. but issues like this happening are not helping.

In other news, I cast on (to my beautiful Addi turbos, mmmm) my most hated yarn ever. I promised some hats and scarves to some local homeless charities (it's cold out!), and I have a ton of this yarn in my stash that I will never, ever use because I hate it. It's warm and comfortable, I just dislike working with it.. but I figured I can suck it up for the cause.

And last but not least.. when I sell handmade stuff or even swap with people, I always tell them that I'm from a household (smoke free) with animals. Cats and dogs. All of my crafting items are stored in a room by themselves, in these nifty little cabinets, but that sometimes no matter what I do there will be hair on them. This picture was taken by my husband last night when I was asleep and I think it's the perfect example of my point. She somehow got into the room and was sleeping on a bin of fabric. Sigh. Stella.

Hopefully I'll be able to update sometime later this week with some finished products.

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