Thursday, December 20, 2012

2013 Planning

I've been thinking a lot about 2013. I've been running into an issue lately with matching my yarns with my patterns and this leads to terrible indecisiveness. Additionally, as time goes on, the yarn I have is stuff that I really love and want to "honor" by picking THE BEST pattern for it. Ugh. I need to break out of this mindset and have been thinking about different ways to do so, without boring myself. What seems to work well is picking monthly goals in advance, somewhere between 2-3 projects (depending on size), and then not second guessing myself. I'm going to try to do this more often in 2013.

That being said, these are the goals I'd like to accomplish at some point in 2013:

-BFF socks - Owlie pattern has already been picked out, but need to buy/find yarn suitable for these. Also need to buy seed beads for the eyes.
-Mindy socks - Yarn??? Pattern??? I can't decide yet.
-BF socks - plain pattern, self striping yarn. He has one pair already and wears them almost everyday, so clearly he needs another (few) pair.
-Baby stuff - 6-8 month old socks/sweaters/hats. I have several friends giving birth this year and want to have a stash of gender-neutral gifts.
-Finish my ONE WIP - French Press Slippers: still waiting on re-felting. I thought my house water issues would be resolved weeks ago, but now we are in a standoff and have no idea when I'll be able to refelt these. I guess I could try doing it by hand, but lord...

Specifically in January I want to do:
-Sock KAL with the Stash Knit Down Group from Ravelry. The two patterns available that I like are Owlie and Monkey. Owlie I wanted to already do, and Monkey has been on my todo list forever. I haven't decided which pattern or yarn yet.
-One baby item. I have 5-6 queued, but need to actually sit down and decide what I want to do. I think this will be a great way to use up some left overs from all my socks.
-Felted Christmas trees. I want to create these for a Christmas gift next year, and given my track record with felting, it will be good to get a head start.

-BF socks - self striping/vanilla latte socks?
-One baby item

I want to update soon with a FO post as well. I've gotten a LOT of stuff done in the last few months and pictures need to be posted. :)

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